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We are a trade agent with more than 25 years experience in international trade in Central and Eastern Europe.

We sell and install innovative products, technologies, solutions, industrial equipment, manufacturing systems.  

We offer the newest technology solutions to improve effectiveness, competitiveness, safety, time and energy efficiency.


Representation of companies in Central & Eastern Europe
  Business optimization
Installations to manufacturing industry


  Business segments  

Optical and security systems

PEF advantage systems

Inspection and sorting systems

Quality and productivity control

Weighing and packaging systems

Heating, cooling, freezing and airconditioning systems

Processing Equipment & Systems

Casings, packaging, ingredients

About us

We offer innovative solutions and systems to manufacturing industry to improve safety, quality, as well as saving time and energy.
We are passionate about connecting people and companies, giving professional advice, offer great service to create smoothly running cooperation. 
Our experienced team will take care of the entire process including consultancy, identify the need for a specific solution, find appropriate product and take care of the complete project either it is one specific product, machine, or a complete line. 
Our goal is to provide a harmonic balance between the manufacturer and the client.

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We are proud to offer solutions and systems from trusted manufacturers.